Privacy Policy

Last updated on Jan. 25th, 2012

NetworkedBlogs provides blogging-enthusiasts a forum to connect with their readers and the wider blogging community. You do not need to be logged-in to NetworkedBlogs in order to take advantage of the many features that NetworkedBlogs and NetworkedBlogs-enabled sites have to offer, however, certain areas of the NetworkedBlogs site will require you be logged-in to NetworkedBlogs.

Information Collection and Use

  • You may choose to include additional personal information, including the URL and details of your blog, a brief bio, and links to your other links on the web, in your public profile information.
  • NetworkedBlogs will not use this information for purposes other than display on the site.
  • If you visit a NetworkedBlogs or a NetworkedBlogs-enabled site, anonymous, aggregate information may be collected and used to create aggregate blog usage profiles.
  • If you visit a NetworkedBlogs-enabled site, that site may be able to access certain publicly-available personal information that you have previously provided in your NetworkedBlogs profile.
  • If you have chosen to opt-in to messages, email notifications or comment tracking, you may periodically receive emails from NetworkedBlogs depending on your email preferences.
  • Others may enter your email address to invite you to join NetworkedBlogs. NetworkedBlogs will only use your email address to invite you to join NetworkedBlogs and NetworkedBlogs will not use it for any other purpose.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

  • If you "follow" a blog on NetworkedBlogs, the avatar associated with your NetworkedBlogs profile will be displayed by default on that blog's page on NetworkedBlogs, and if it uses a NetworkedBlogs widget, then your avatar might be displayed on that site as well.
    • To learn how to edit your NetworkedBlogs settings, please see the help pages.
  • If you choose to enter personal information into your NetworkedBlogs profile, by default, certain information may be displayed to "everyone".
    • To learn how to edit your NetworkedBlogs profile and its associated display settings, please see the help pages.
  • If you make comments on a NetworkedBlogs-enabled site, these comments will be displayed publicly along with your NetworkedBlogs avatar and name - both of which will link to your NetworkedBlogs profile.
  • API's
    • NetworkedBlogs may enable third-party developers to access API's to collect, display and edit certain user information off of the NetworkedBlogs site or NetworkedBlogs-enabled sites.

Practices Regarding Your Ability to Update or Delete Information

  • Many of the details that NetworkedBlogs displays about your, such as your name, avatar image, and your Facebook networks are pulled from Facebook and are subject to Facebook's privacy controls. You can control how those information are used or displayed from your Facebook's privacy settings.
  • You may choose to hide your avatar from being displayed on NetworkedBlogs widgets hosted on other web sites from the settings section on your NetworkedBlogs profile page.
  • You can edit the additional profile information you add to your NetworkedBlogs profile at any time from your NetworkedBlogs profile by clicking on the "edit details" menu link.
  • If you wish to delete you blog from NetworkedBlogs, please visit the help pages for instructions.
  • If you wish to delete your account and all data related to it, please contact us at the email address on our help pages.
  • If you wish to edit your email preferences, please visit the "email preferences" section of the NetworkedBlogs app.


We use cookies on this website and on widgets that bloggers can take from this website and install on their own sites or blogs. Cookies are small text files created by a web server, delivered through a web browser, and stored on your computer. They provide a means for websites that you visit to keep track of online patterns and preferences, as well as to identify return visitors. Cookies make the personalization of your web experiences possible, so that you do not need to re-enter your information each time you visit a website.
If you login to the members-only section of our site, we set a cookie to allow you to navigate those pages. We also serve cookies to help us anonymously track web traffic, as described above.
In addition, this website and NAI member companies might serve cookies via this website and via widgets that bloggers install on their blogs, as part of an opt-out process. To enable a consumer to opt out of OBA by a member company, the member company must set an "opt-out cookie" on the consumer's browser. Please note that if you delete any opt-out cookies obtained using the NAI opt-out page, such as by clearing all cookies in your browser, you will need to return to the opt-out page to renew your choices. However, the NAI offers a tool that helps to preserve your opt-out cookies and prevent them from being deleted. To learn more about how our opt-out process works, click here.
You have the ability to manage the use of cookies on your computer using controls in your browser. To learn more about how to manage cookies, visit


  • When you use NetworkedBlogs, you are subject to the NetworkedBlogs Terms of Service.
  • Please refer to the NetworkedBlogs Help if you have questions about this service.

This page describes current NetworkedBlogs practices with respect to this particular service. This information may change as NetworkedBlogs revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers.